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Learn more about the impact Uncommon Threads is having on women in our community!

Our beautiful “uncommon” clients are strong, brave, and inspiring. They are the reason for

Uncommon Threads and their stories of determination motivate us to do even more to empower women.


  • 20,000 women served since November 2016

  • 200,000+ pieces of inventory distributed

  • 4 outfits per client, 4-5 pieces per outfit


And always with dignity and respect!


Aradhna is an Uncommon Threads client who has experienced both our styling services and empowerment workshops. When she struggled with post-partum depression, a styling session at Uncommon Threads helped her to reconnect with herself and feel more confident about being a new mom.

Jay Jay

Jay Jay has been an Uncommon Threads client on more than one occasion. In this video, she talks about how her styling session helped her not just feel more comfortable with her body, but to truly celebrate it!


Meet Brenda. She's had more than her share of challenges in life, including health and relationship issues. We were honored to dress Brenda for her U.S. citizenship ceremony.

Christine styled in work outfit


“I have battled a lifetime of severe depression and self-esteem issues. Three years ago, I tried to take my life and ended up in the ICU. From that day forward, I have fought for my life. I received a diploma in finance and am ready to start the next season of my life. I was blessed to have been referred to Uncommon Threads by one of my teachers. I was unemployed while in school so getting professional clothing was not a possibility for me.

Uncommon Threads was able to provide me with stunning clothing, shoes, purse and jewelry to take on the banking world. I have never felt so beautiful and strong. Walking into the branch in a well put together outfit makes me feel like I can conquer the day. I stand taller with pride in myself each day now, and Uncommon Threads is a huge part of that. Without them I wouldn't have been able to have these clothes. I truly owe my success in these past few months to them. Not just the clothing but the support and love from the lovely ladies there has truly changed me.” 

Cindy Claflin
Clinician at Family Services of the Merrimack Valley

Hear from Cindy, one of our referring partners, about how Uncommon Threads makes a positive impact on her clients, helping them to feel nurtured and empowered.

"Thank you so much! I feel much more prepared and confident to go to my school."              -- Amelfis

"Wow you guys are incredible!! I  tried on everything... The jeans fit perfectly; I can’t believe you pulled that off."   -- Demi

"All of the pieces were beautiful and I wore an entire outfit for my interview today and I felt so comfortable and confident and I nailed it. Thank you so much for your help!"   -- Kayla

Amelfis styled in clothing for school
Client styled in casual outfit, purse and shoes
Client styled in interview suit
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